I hadn’t even landed yet. I was still hovering somewhere over the ocean on my way back to America when the woman next to me on the plane asked me. I had just finished telling her about the work I’d done in India. So, of course, the very next question she asked me was, “So, what’s next?”

She wasn’t the last. Almost everyone I’ve talked to since has asked me that, and my reply so far has been very straightforward and very short-term: “I’m getting better.”

Now, just about 4 months after that plane trip home, I’ve finally by God’s grace attained that goal. Finally, I’ve gotten better. About three weeks ago, the fog of months of illness and a bonus concussion began to clear. First, I could read more than a couple verses during my Bible time; I could make dinner; I could unpack my bags. Then, I could read a couple pages; I could polish all of the wood in the living and dining room; I could reorganize my bedroom. Now, I begin to feel myself rising to my feet in life again – a little shaky, a little confused, a little weak – but very happy to be on my way to feeling and acting up to par. Finally, I’m feeling more like someone with a chronic cold than someone with a relentless disease.

Finally, I can I do a bit better in answering that question, “What’s next?”

Here it is, the first draft of a game plan:

I’m writing a book. I’m writing about what I saw and what I did and what it’s like out there. There’s so so much more to my trip than I’ve been able to tell you in these posts. There’s so much more than I can tell you in brief, sans serif anecdotes.

I want to be able to tell you the whole story, take you along with me down the dusty South Indian streets to the orphaned, disabled children, introduce you to them and show you the beautiful, inspiring, and yet desperately needy people they are. I want to take you up ten thousand feet into the green mountains of the north and show you the dark-eyed shepherds in their tents, let you hear the prayers ring out through the valley, haunting and deep. I want you to meet the deaf clothing merchant. I want you to celebrate Eid. I want you to come with me as I’m taken into an military camp in hostile territory. I want you to know what its like to eat with your hands and be lost in a world of hundreds of languages, to come to know and understand orphaned, disabled children and deaf Indians and Muslims. I want you to know the ways we need to teach them and I want you to know the ways we need to learn from them. I want to tell you a really captivating story, and then I want you to help decide how it will end.

That’s my main goal right now, and along with that come related goals. I’m planning on coming to visit those of you who supported me and telling you in person what God is doing and what God has done. I’m planning on writing more on this blog.

I’m going to do my best to be blogging at least weekly and posting on Twitter at least daily. Please do follow me, if you aren’t already, both on this blog and on Twitter. I’ll be posting stories, prayers, prayer requests, updates, and pictures, and I’ll be responding to your comments (Yes! I enabled commenting again now that I’m in a location where it’s safe to do so.) So, please follow me and comment – ask questions about my trip, give me prayer requests, give me suggestions for my posts, tell me what the Lord has laid on your heart, or just pop in to say hi and tell me what you thought of the post.

I want to thank you again and again for your prayers throughout my trip and during my recovery. I cherish them and thank God for all of your faithful support.

Grace and peace,

4 thoughts on “So… What’s Next?

What do you think about my post? Anything to add? Any related prayer requests? I really want to hear from you. So, please do comment, if you'd like. :)

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