“Welcome back, ma’am,” he said, in a classic Virginia accent, as he handed me my passport. He was just the guy at customs, but he sounded so much like home that I wanted to give him a hug.

The past six months had been amazing: developing and teaching a sign language teaching program in south India for a home of 120 + disabled children and then creating reference resources with Katie so that future volunteers and adoptive parents could communicate with the children too; teaching sign language to Telugu worship music at a worship training center; meeting deaf children and adults in north India; creating a website for a deaf school as well as websites for some believers working there; teaching sign language to a shepherd family in the mountains who have a disabled baby girl.

It was incredible, and I never could have done any of this without your faithful prayers and support. I’ve been overwhelmingly blessed by all of you – friends, family, and those of you who have become dear to me through the journey we’ve shared together because you’ve so faithfully followed my blog. Even coming into the airport, when I took my passport from the man with the accent that sounded like home, and ran through the sliding doors into the cheers and arms of my family and dear friends, I was overwhelmed by the love of God lavished on me through the faithfulness and tender care of His Body.

I’m so looking forward to reconnecting with many of you in person – to thank you and tell you about all that God has done. Even though this is the end of this part of my journey, I hope you’ll continue with me as I journey on. I hope you’ll continue to pray with me for the needy in India. I hope you’ll continue to reach out with me, even from across the sea, to these people that need the gift of communication, education, and, above all, salvation through the only One who can save. I hope you’ll follow my blog, as I continue to tell you stories of the great things God has done and is doing in India (things I’ve either been too busy or too sick to let you know, yet) and as I tell you stories of those who are helpless and need to experience the love of God through us – through our efforts, though our talents, and through our prayers. I hope you’ll continue to pray for me as I begin writing a book about all this, so that more believers can know this need and join with us in ministering to this country, to these people groups, to these children, to the unsaved, uneducated deaf of India.