The Answer (“To Learn” continued)

“The school needs a website,” Uncle mentioned among other things. We were looking for ways to get connected to the local deaf school.

“Could your dad possibly make them one?” Aunty asked “Maybe…”

“I can make them one,” I said.

Aunty and Uncle looked at me.

“I made a website for the last place I was at.” I continued, “Well, at least I made a website for the curriculum I developed. Anyway, I could make them one. I know how.”

Aunty smiled. “I think we may have found our answer.”

So off we went again. Back to the school and dark hallway and the curtains where the doors should be, and back to the languages I didn’t understand. And at the end, when it was translated to me, I found out we really had found our answer. They said yes. I could make their website for them.

We came back a few days later and they gave us a few pieces of paper, printed in fine Indian English about the deaf school. I took it home – edited it, reorganized it, created a website for it, typed up the information into the pages in a matter of a few hours – and brought it back a few days later to show them.

It was all wrong. Well, not all wrong. They liked the look of it and they liked the information on it, but I had neglected to do what they hadn’t mentioned with the information that hadn’t provided;) I needed to put information about their other departments – their blind school and their high school for the children who could hear and see. I was sent another file now via email with information about what they called the “normal children”, and did the revisions and reorganizations and showed it to them again. They liked it.

(While we were there gathering information, the woman with the warm smile asked us if we would like to see a blind student and a teacher. I’ll tell you more about that soon.)

But it needs pictures. So, we came today – took the long bus ride to the intersection across town, then took the auto rickshaw to the school. When we arrived things were topsy-turvy. The people we needed to see were there and busy. Then, suddenly gone. Apparently this is exam week. Apparently the people we needed to see were gone and wouldn’t be back for hours and there was nothing relatively normal to take pictures of (we need pictures for the website, because of course a website without pictures is just a bunch of organized words on a screen;) Apparently we need to come back next Monday.

And the processes has been frustrating as well as so much fun, and above all such a blessing because, after all, we did find our answer. And we are ever continuing to learn.


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