See You Tomorrow

20130624-171834.jpg“You’re going to Hyderabad.
The driver is on his way.”

And like that, I evaporated. That’s what it felt like, anyway: Evaporation. Suddenly I found myself leaving things behind in my hurry – my shampoo, my blue jeans, my shikakai. I found myself leaving behind people, what’s more – the teachers I taught, the nannies, my little babu.

It felt like death and it felt like rapture as I slipped into the car and we set off. We were going to a place of Worship, and so it felt like going to heaven.

I never did say goodbye – to any of them. But I left with the tender satisfaction that I kind of did. Because every goodbye had been a long one. Every “I’ll see you tomorrow,” was said with laughter and smiles and hugs. And so the grand truth resonates twice, both in the span of that month and the span of my life: That when we love fully we can follow God with no regret regarding leaving those whom we love behind and that in the Believer’s life there is really no such thing as saying goodbye… only “See you Tomorrow.”



2 thoughts on “See You Tomorrow

  1. Beautifully expressed and illustrated. I am certain that you are missed but I am equally certain that you left their lives richer for having been there. A life fully lived for God is a full life indeed ~ no regrets. See you tomorrow dear girl ❤

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