Babu: Grace as Strength in Weakness


When I look into his eyes I see myself: A child, legs too weak to walk on his own, raising up his hands, grasping for love.

When I look at my own hands reaching back, by the abiding of the Holy Spirit, lifting him up in love, being the strength he needs to stand, to dance, to run – I see my Savior.

I am living out this tender metaphor, this perfect parallel: Grace as strength in weakness.

I feel the burden the prophets spoke of, the burden Jesus expressed – the burden on the Lord’s heart for his Body to reach out to the fatherless, the disabled, the lost as He reached out us the godless, disabled by sin, so very lost ourselves. I feel the burden, and too, the motivation, to live out this metaphor more very moment and pray for and encourage others to live out his vital an beautifully holy metaphor themselves. I want to encourage you – to spend time thinking about our Father’s grace poured out so abundantly in our lives and how we as a body can pour out grace into the lives of others. May we understand this by receiving it ourselves as well as offering it to others: Grace as wholeness in brokenness; Grace as strength in weakness.


5 thoughts on “Babu: Grace as Strength in Weakness

  1. This is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing on your blog – I am preparing to go to India in just over three weeks, and I’ve been asking the Lord to prepare my heart, to give me His perspective… your words are an answer to those prayers.
    I’ll be praying for you as you minister His love to these children.

    1. I am so glad The Lord is leading you as He is…. leading you to India and leading you to my blog:) I will be praying for you, sister! Please keep following along with me and keeping me updated on how I can be praying for you – really. So much love in He who abides with us ❤ Ariel

  2. I am thinking of you tonight and praying for you….Thank you for sharing your heart with us and your love with the children. You are doing what God asked us to do…be blessed my dear! Hugs!

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