The Stillness

When this city sleeps, it sleeps. Come midnight, the madness of the streets recedes. It is completely quiet. Come morning, when the streets are busy, the people are slow – walking slowly, standing by the roadside, sitting here and there. India is a song played tempo giusto. There is a stillness here.

Francis Chan writes “As we practice this stillness, this waiting, this being, it is then that we can experience deep intimacy and relationship with the Holy Spirit.” And I believe that is so true. Something The Lord really pressed on my heart before I came here is that this trip is a time and space for me to grow in real knowledge of His Holy Spirit. I’ve been reading through Acts, listening to Forgotten God by Francis Chan, and spending a lot of time in worship and in prayer. It is so precious – this pressing in, this feeling presence.

And as I sit here beneath the spinning fans, I know that one souvenir I must take back with me is the stillness I have found in India.


3 thoughts on “The Stillness

  1. How hard it is to practice this stillness in a world running wild. Yet, how absolutely vital! May we all meet Him in the stillness of our heart, and learn to listen! Beautiful, thanks!

    1. Thanks so much for reading. God is doing some awesome things, and I’m so grateful when others share this journey with me:) I hope you keep following along with me:) Feel free to subscribe:)

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