Almost to India

For days my hands have smelled of neem and my hair of shikakai. For weeks I’ve been packing and repacking. For months I’ve been learning Telugu, Hindi, Urdu and sign language. For years I’ve been praying for this. Finally, I’m almost there.

My plane leaves tomorrow. I and all of my herbs, notebooks, and learning apps will fly across an ocean and arrive in a sea of foreign smells and faces. Soon, I will be dressed like them in a salwar camis. Soon I will say namaskarum when I want to say hello. Soon I will be in India.

I am so excited. It’s a sober excitement, though – the kind of excitement a mountain climber feels at the bottom of a new mountain or a language learner when she looks at the first new phrase. This is the beginning of a brand new upward climb, the beginning of a new way of thinking, expressing, knowing. I’m excited for the rough road ahead. I anticipate the learning curve and I anticipate the climb.

Please pray for the deaf children of India. Pray for opportunities for me to help, opportunities for me to see, and opportunities for me to understand. I need the Word’s wisdom and the Spirit’s leading. They need communication and salvation. We need your prayers.

Raising hands,


4 thoughts on “Almost to India

  1. My little girl is all grown up and off to India! And I couldn’t be prouder and more humbled at the beautiful woman you have become! It’s time to soar, my little arrow. Soar for His glory! -Mom ❤ U

  2. So excited and also filled with trepidation for your adventure. I will be praying and asking the same Spirit to talk to us both so that we can be of one mind. May the peace of God go with you, may the spirit of God fill you, may the wonder of God’s world and and his people awe you. ~ Gina

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