Love in Motion

A few nights ago, a friend and I were signing. Of course, we were talking about love. As we did, she signed this. I had never seen this sign before. I had to ask her what it meant. She paused for a minute to think about it. “It’s one of those words that only ASL has….” she said. As she explained to me, I began to understand: It’s a heart being poured out to someone.

As I think on these words, sentences flow: Us pouring out our heart to the Lord; The Lord pouring out His heart to us; Us pouring out this heart to the silent, the deaf.

It’s emptying and filling at once.

I feel love in motion with my hands.


3 thoughts on “Love in Motion

  1. I love this…I think they might actually sign this (or a very similar sign) several times on Sue Thomas FBEye….the show we watched an episode of together.
    I miss you. I’m thankful for you. I can’t wait to see what God does with the passion(s) He’s placed in your heart for the deaf community.

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