They Will Never Communicative Unless

Every Saturday morning the sweet little Japanese children play ball on the campus lawn. I saw them this morning, as I walked to the cafe for breakfast, running and laughing, smiling and communicating.

As I watched them I smiled and wondered. I wondered about the millions of deaf children in the world – in India, in Africa, in Paraguay – who are lost without a language. I wondered how long it will be till I can go out there and begin to raise up their hands, to, through sign language , give them language and the Gospel. I ache for the children who have no voice to speak.

My prayer this morning – and every morning – is that the Lord with raise up people in the Church to raise the hands of these deaf children of the world, to raise them up in the truth of the Gospel and raise their hands in language.





What do you think about my post? Anything to add? Any related prayer requests? I really want to hear from you. So, please do comment, if you'd like. :)

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