This word “pray” is the Greek word δέομαι (deomai). It can be translated as pray, beg, beseech, ask. It’s denotes someone who is lesser asking of someone who is greater. We, the lesser, ask the most great God to send laborers into His harvest. He is the Lord. He is the Lord of the harvest. This is His harvest. We recognize Him in our prayers as the greatest – as the One completely in control.

δέομαι by its other possible translations denotes an earnestness, a pull, a desire. When we pray that the Great Lord would send laborers into His harvest we are asking, we are beseeching, we are begging Him – earnestly – while unshakably sure that He will answer this prayer.

Lord, let us see You as You are. You are sovereign. You are mighty. You are great. You are Lord. We thank You that You have given us prayer. We thank You for teaching us how to pray from Your Word. Oh, Lord, we ask You, we beseech You – bring laborers into this Your harvest. Thank You for being so faithful to give us what we ask in Your name. Thank You for even now bringing laborers into Your vineyard. Thank You for raising up the Bible translators, the missionaries, the mothers, the ordinary people of this world who are transformed by Your Spirit to reap Your harvest. May we not grow weary, Father. Strengthen our hearts. Send out Your people. Amen.

A. Ariel


What do you think about my post? Anything to add? Any related prayer requests? I really want to hear from you. So, please do comment, if you'd like. :)

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