Declare His Glory As The Heavens

I look out at this pastel, Tennessee morning sky, and I think of all the skies throughout the world – parched or rainy, dark or bright. My brothers and sisters are all over the world, but wherever they are, there’s the sky.


How reaffirming, how exhorting to know that even the sky is telling the people of this world about our God and Savior Jesus Christ. How reaffirming to know that His glory is constantly being declared. The earth cannot help crying out about how glorious, how magnificent, how blessed our Lord is. And How exhorting to us to tell of Him. If the soulless sky can declare His glory, how can we who have experienced His Word, salvation, sanctification, and the fullness of His Holy Spirit, be silent?

Lord, I pray that Your children around the world may declare Your glory. I pray that our mission as believers, missionaries, translators, persecuted Christians would be to be worshipers and call others into Your kingdom that You may be worshiped yet more and more. We praise You because You are so worthy of our praise. We praise You because You, Oh Lord, are SO glorious. We thank You for the creation You have made, for the reality that even the sky gives You glory. We pray that You would fill us still more with the Spirit, and we thank You that the Holy Spirit You fill us with gives us the power to praise You boldly and in truth. May Your Name be glorified yet more and more. Amen

A. Ariel


What do you think about my post? Anything to add? Any related prayer requests? I really want to hear from you. So, please do comment, if you'd like. :)

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