the kids my arms ache for

I’m going to India. When people ask me when, I tell them “As soon as I possibly can.” And that’s the truth. I’m desperately aching to go there. If I could get on a plane right now I would. When I do, I’m going to Sara’s Covenant Home, Lord willing. There are deaf kids out there, and disabled children as well, who need sign language to communicate. My arms ache for them so much. I haven’t met them yet, but I miss them already. Truly. I start to cry just thinking about how much I want to hug them and love them and give them a way to speak and to be spoken to. I can’t wait to watch them smile and see their fingers dance with meaning.

What’s worse is that I can’t even support them from a distance right now. Sara’s Covenant Home needs money to take care of them, and I am currently jobless, with every cent I do have going toward the education that will enable me to learn sign language and writing to better help these kids. But maybe you have a job, maybe you have even just a little money to spare, and if you do, please please pray about supporting one of these kids. Please click this link – see these kid’s faces, know that they are beloved children that God has made, that they are the orphans that we are biblically commanded to serve.

And whether you can support them or not please pray for them. Our souls are in as much need of beseeching the Father on their behalf, as they are in need of receiving the results of that beseeching. Please pray with me that they will be provided for, that they will learn to communicate and to be communicated to, that the body of Christ will reach out to them and serve them, and – most of all – that they will know the Lord our God and be One with Him.


A. Ariel


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